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located at 3 Orfei str , Batak , BULGARIA


"Rodopski dom" Ltd. is established in 1998 in the city of Batak, Bulgaria, with its main focus in wood processing.


We are proud to produce all types of beehives, beehive frames, glued panels, details and parts from deciduous wood as well as from coniferous wood. Our facility has total area оf 1100 m2, equipped with all the necessary machinery for performing the entire manufacture process. The covered storage area is 800 m2. The open storage area is 7500 m2 and is adjusted for keeping the raw material and the production safe. Our dryer’s total capacity is 60 m3.


We manufacture all types of beehives: Dadan-Blatt, Langstroth Root, Roger Delon, Farrar and others. The production capacity of the company is 500 hives per month. The company manufactures also all types of beehive frames: separating boards, standing frames with an extender, assembled and unassembled. The production capacity for frames is 50 000 per month. In our portfolio customers can also find glued panels from deciduous or coniferous wood, parts for furniture and palletes and others.


Our quality products at affordable prices make us desired partner in the local market as well as abroad.


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